We live in a time that when tragedy strikes or a natural disaster occurs, the word spreads fast. Because of social media, the images and stories can be shared in an instant. Our hearts go out to the people and family affected.Sometimes we even set aside our own day to day lives to sow our time and money. Unfortunately, just as quickly as our attention turns toward a people or community, tragedy strikes again. We live in a time where information is shared so rapidly that it is easy to forget that thing we were so passionately consumed with last week.
The storm
The effects of Hurricane Harvey were devastating and wide spread across the southern portion state of Texas. The immediate response from men and women armed with rain coats, trucks with big tires and flat-bottomed boats show the kind of grit and compassion that make America great. People come from everywhere to lay there lives on the line to help those in need. However, as the water receded, something became very apparent: The state of Texas was still going to need a lot of help.
hull, texas
Here at Christ Family Church, we have partnered with the small community of Hull, Texas. Most of the residents experienced flood damage from one degree or another. 
Imagine this: everything in your home that was under 48 inches, has to be drug out to the side of the road, hauled off never to be seen again. Couches, beds, toys, carpet, food, everything. It is truly a heart breaking visual to encounter. This includes a local elementary school where everything from pencils to every last desk and chair had to be disposed of. 
our mission
To date, our team at CFC has made 3 trips to our friends in Hull, Texas. The first 2 trips were for demolition and cleanup. Through these efforts we have been able to build relationship with some great families and their wonderful communities. On our third trip, we were excited to deliver a large trailer of school supplies. Thanks to some of our local teachers and schools, classes in Hull have been adopted and boxes of supplies have been gathered for Hull Elementary.
Although much work has already been done there’s still lots more to be finished. We made a commitment to go and see this job through and to continue to help the residents of Hull Texas get back on their feet. Over the past few months we’ve partnered with churches,businesses,and individuals to see this through. We had the opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus here on earth and help make a difference in peoples lives that are desperately in a time of need.
how you can help
There are multiple ways for you to partner with us as we continue to send teams to assist in the rebuilding efforts. Your tax deductible charitable donations can be made A few different ways. Checks can be made out to Christ Family Church. And in the check memo note  “hurricane relief”. Checks can be mailed to PO Box 657, Crestview, FL 32536. Cash donations can be made in person at Christ Family Church during our normal weekly gathering Sunday at 10 AM and Wednesdays at 7 PM or call to make an appointment. Our phone number is 850-683-8169. And very soon you will be able to give online here at this website.
We can’t say thank you enough in advance for all of the prayers, time and effort. And for donations that have already been made and that will be made! 100% of everything that is given is going directly to the ongoing relief efforts in Hull, Texas and the surrounding areas! Again thank you so very much, And continue to check back with us here on our website and Facebook page for updates through photos and videos of everything that has been accomplished through the efforts of many!