How Do I Get Involved?
When a church member was made aware of the current situation of our county lunch program, action needed to be taken, so the A.C.E. program at CFC was birthed.
Due to financial situations out of the childs control some are served 2 slices of bread and one slice of cheese with skim milk leaving them hungry and singled out among their peers for not having this essential need taken care of.
Our goal is to help make sure that every child is served a full meal for lunch.  We have partnered with local businesses and are working with the school officials to improve the system, 
There is plenty of room for volunteers to help bring business sponsors to further our reach in the county, state, and beyond.
Worship is a huge part of the heart of CFC. We believe God loves the praise and worship of his people and we stive to give him nothing but our best.  Recently our worship team has written and recorded their first live album with Resurgent Sound out of California.  The name OUTSHINE comes from a line in one of the songs “when your glory comes it outshines the darkness” because that is what we desire for Him to do – OUTSHINE everything!

Media & Technology

Using media to spread the gospel is an opportunity This generation is fortunate enough to have.  In an age of widespread technology, we try to use these tools  for kingdom purposes and are always looking to make progress in this area.



THe youth of CFC provide snacks, drinks, t-shirts, books, etc to help continually raise funds for their projects, trips, and events.

Building Maintenance 

inside maintenance, Outside grounds work and cleaning are Essential parts of keeping this ministry functioning properly. volunteers are always appreciated.